Kiss the Shadow, 2010

3 female – 3 male – 1 either

Nina Rapi

A futuristic play strangely very much like the present, mixes noir and mythic elements with love stories to draw us into its own fascinating world, tongue firmly in cheek.

Edgeville is a small, border town somewhere in Central Europe, where all sorts of fugitives have sought refuge. It belongs to a country once prosperous and stable, now plagued by external and most worryingly internal enemies such as the New Barbarians, cultural terrorists who can never be caught and with very radical ideas around art and freedom, destabilising the rule of the state. As a result the state has introduced surveillance and censorship of the highest order, something that has sparked even more extreme actions against it. The computers of three ministries (Culture, Health and Education, Foreign Affairs) have been hacked.

               Lucia Saad, a composer and tutor, who had sought refuge in Edgeville, is a prime suspect. She has however disappeared, becoming a dangerous symbol of resistance.

               Esther Burns, a relatively new recruit of the Intelligence Service has come to investigate… She encounters the Commissioner of the town; Kristin Belucci, his secret lover and the proud owner of the local delicatessen; his son Damien, an unstable techno-kid in unrequited love with Lucia Saad; and the Sculptor, a mysterious hermaphrodite, originally from across the border and once closely connected to Lucia Saad. They all tell very different versions of events. Esther Burns tries to discover the truth of the matter but: When nothing seems real, what can you believe?




Wild Beats, 2014

2 female – 2 male

Kiss the Shadow, 2010

3 female – 3 male – 1 either

Reasons to Hide, 2009

2 male – 3 female

Angelstate, 2015

3 male – 4 female

No Trouble, 2001

3 male – 3 female

Lovers, 2001

1 male – 4 female

Edgewise, 2010

3 male – 3 female

Splinters, 2017

2 male - 2 female

(Un)certainties, 2018

3 male - 2 female



Nina Rapi is one of the very few Greek playwrights whose writing pursuits commenced abroad. Her works include 18 plays written within the last 25 y...