Wagon in the Water, 2010

2 male - 2 female

Leonidas Prousalidis

This is a play about loss; about those who left and those who will never return, prompted by the unexpected encounter between an actress who is out of work and a young man with his girlfriend. The young man – having an ulterior motive – offers a one-night accommodation to the errant actress, in the house of an elderly lady where he himself rents a room.

This one night will lead to cohabitation for one month, in this bizarre house where "it blows a little".  Time flies, from one moon to another. August.

From the depths of time, a woman’s heart haunted by love demands the truth. The Myth and the murders. Illusion and reality. The Theatre and his demons. Illegal connections, pills, alcohol and ineffective beginnings compose a landscape within which extreme psychic effects are reflected.

Wagon in the Water could be all of them, but it could simply be a dream; its essence comprised of dream elements:

People close to us, forever gone, that suddenly take the form of a stranger; the feel of an ended relationship; scattered, random words; places we have never visited; the voice that cannot be heard; the obsessive repetition of something determined, in agonizing variations; but also, the magical glow of a single moment, when the soul is full of desires and the feeling omnipotent.


Wagon in the Water, 2010

2 male - 2 female

Seven Reasonable Answers, 2004

4 male – 3 female

From Silence to Spring, 2016

2 male - 2 female



Leonidas Prousalidis wrote his first play, Seven Reasonable Answers, in 2004 and his second one, Wagon in the Water, six years la...