Rationale, 1987

6 male – 5 female

Marios Pontikas

"Successful" people, members of the social elite (businessmen, university professors, public officials), enjoy themselves immensely in their friend's luxurious mansion, until they realize that the host is nowhere to be seen. They look for and find him in the villa’s pantry hanging from the ceiling; he has committed suicide. They are all shocked, not so much from the event itself, but mostly because of the reasons of his suicide; his suicide cannot - at first glance - be justified by his personality, charm or very high social status. On the other hand, their variously intertwined relationships - with everything they conceal - spawn an unacknowledged fear that deters them from calling the police and immerses them in strife, revealing the hellish decline of this “civilized” elite.

 Accusations are hurled from every side, illegal acts are revealed, adulteries come to light, interpersonal relationships falter and crumble. The volcano that this prominent friend’s suicide has awakened shakes the foundations of the tenuous certainties upon which these people have based their lives - the illegal wealth, the power exerted. The dawn will find them devastated, slowly sinking into the marsh they once considered an open sea or a luxurious swimming pool...



Rationale, 1987

6 male – 5 female

The Wedding, 1980

8 male – 5 female

Spectators, 1979

2 males-2 females



The Persistent Quest of Dramatic Substance


Marios Pontikas’ work constitutes a diverse and multi-dimensional...