•  Published on: 29/05/2016

The Greek Play Project a few days ago proudly announced the completion of the playwriting contest "Write your myth" where participants were asked to submit an original theatre play. The play awarded the first prize was Helen or Sula written by Despina Kalaitzidou. The play was distinguished for the flow of speech it presents; it also has theatricality, great sense of humor, it creates an interesting atmosphere, it deals effectively with the ancient myth and its relevance to the present. The play Diagonal by Panagiota Dimopoulou was awarded Praise. The play distinguished mainly for the dialogues, the accomplished characters and the suspense it created.

55 plays were sent to our contest, proving the importance and necessity of such initiatives. Our warmest thanks must go to the members of the committee - Akis Dimou, Grigoris Ioannidis, Savas Patsalides and Stamatis Fasoulis - for the way and the sensitivity they read the plays, the wonderful conversations we shared and their overall support.

Our new column, World Tour, starts with a first stop in distant Peru. What happens in the theater of other countries? What are the main features, their productions’ terms and conditions, guidelines and practices? Texts written especially for GPP by internationally acclaimed theatre people open a door to unknown theatrical worlds.

It is with great joy, that we have also incorporated in our website’s material the audio recording of the conference "The City of Loula Anagnostaki" held in Michael Cacoyannis Foundation on 7 and 8 December 2015. Many thanks for this collaboration we ought to Manos Karatzogiannis and the Foundation.

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