Fujairah International Monodrama Library

  •  Published on: 31/10/2015

Fujairah International Monodrama Library, a digital repository solely dedicated to Monodrama, is launched.

An actress/actor, a text and an audience: that’s all it takes to create Monodrama. Everything else is pretty much open! Fujairah International Monodrama Festival (http://fimf.ae/en/), in its wish to cover a field not previously addressed, has decided to create a Monodrama Digital Library and is therefore inviting you to contribute with your performance texts and other relevant material (e.g. electronic versions of Monodrama Festival programmes, theoretical texts etc.).

The organizers strongly feel the need to get acquainted with each other and to acquaint the theatre professionals with their monodrama work, enabling thus a better understanding as well as a wider publicity for this specific field. Bear in mind that there are many monodrama festivals around the world, which are looking for monodrama shows for their venues so FIML would be the perfect place for an artist to showcase his/her work! There is also a great deal of research by theatre scientists and academics, who are also invited to submit their papers, essays, thesis, dissertations, monographs and articles, initiating thus a fruitful dialogue around monodrama.

Acquiring access to FIML would be just by filling a simple form and becoming a member.

You are invited to send your performance texts (even if it’s just a non-verbal treatise, with stage directions!) along with information of when and where it was performed, if ever, any awards it might have received, photographs of the show if available, its translation in English, its publication details if it has been published, your agent’s contact details or yours if there is no agent involved.

They will initially use a Creative Commons Public License (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives International), in order to protect your rights.

For more information please contact, Mrs. Olga Pozeli, Secretary of International Monodrama Forum of the ITI: olga.pozeli@gmail.com