•  Published on: 14/10/2015

Only a few months after its launch, The Greek Play Project has a consistent and broad activity to present. Staying close to the Greek play and its onstage implementation, the project supports the efforts of the artists, listens to their needs, informs, and facilitates a fruitful dialogue and exchange between Greek and foreign artists. The number of playwrights at the website has already increased, and even more creators are scheduled to be presented in the coming months.

Through the ‘News’ section in the website, we inform about relevant actions; in ‘Interviews & Viewpoints’, discussions with significant artists enable us to better understand and comprehend the onstage action; in the ‘On Stage’ section, the great stage activity of Greek dramaturgy is presented.

Considering the strengthening of contemporary dramaturgy and staging in such difficult times of paramount importance, we are taking another initiative: A playwrighting contest, with plays pertaining to the renegotiation of myth in contemporary reality, and concerning the modern individual. The winning play - selected through an evaluation process which will be carried out by an experienced and authoritative committee – is going to be produced during the 2015-2016 theatrical season, and will join the repertoire of Thessaloniki’s BlackBox Theatre – the play will also be staged in Athens.

We feel the need to thank everyone for your support. The GPP is and remains a private initiative that is solely based on our love for Greek theatre.


Irene M. Mountraki

Creator – Head of GPP