Greek Play Project: a dynamic platform for the contemporary greek theatre

  •  Published on: 12/02/2016

In recent years, the Greek play has a dynamic presence in the country’s theatrical scenes. A variety of trends, schools and methods are met and evaluated; suggestions and concerns are posed; anxieties and dreams are captured.

The result is a diverse albeit charming landscape, a dynamically-articulated speech and a writing that frequently surpasses the local, to reach – like great art does – the universal.

“The Greek Play Project” emerges from precisely this need; to give prominence to the modern Greek dramaturgy, contribute to its promotion – for which notable efforts are already being made – and encourage discussion and action around it. This project is a promotional platform, a network of collaborations and activities and also an open space for information and exchange of views.

With a group of active playwrights as starting point, the site is a first attempt to a map of the theatrical landscape as it is currently formed, while there will be constant updating and expansion.

A team of dramaturgs – journalists will cover current events and any relevant notable action, with interviews, viewpoints, news and information on the production of Greek plays.

The landscape of Greece’s attempt to redefine itself is also reflected through photography, by the artists of the Casablanca group who were invited to give their own perspective to “The Greek Play Project”.

Many thanks are due to all the collaborators who believed and embraced this effort, to the authors, the academics and everyone who, in his own way, contributed to the realization of the project.


Irene M. Mountraki

Creator - Head of GPP