Discovering New Playwrights in Catalunya

  •  Published on: 03/09/2015

The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya’s commitment to contemporary creators is renewed this season

by developing the project that began last year to discover and support new playwrights.

They have created a Reading Board and they have a reception mailbox for anyone who wishes to

send them their plays.

They are looking for any type of play that can...
- Reflect our time.
- Reflect on our society.
- Innovate and explore literary or theatrical languages.

If you have a play, they offer you the opportunity to have it staged.

The Reading Board will read and assess it and, if selected, it will be publicised through dramatic

readings or, if possible, performed on one of the TNC stages.

La mancha, the first play performed

La mancha, by Albert Lladó, is the first play in the project Discovering New Playwrights to be

performed at the TNC this season. Selected from hundreds of plays received, it was noted for

 its perspective ideologically committed to our reality.

The playwright will be able to work on his text for a year, with dramaturgic assistance from

the members of the Reading Board and the team that will perform the show.


1) Send your text to the digital mailbox,, providing a name or pen name and contact


2) Professionally performed plays will not be accepted, but those seen in workshops and dramatised

readings will be admitted.
- The play can only be sent once to the Reading Board.
- Rewritings will only be accepted if explicitly requested by the TNC.
Plays must be submitted with:
- Numbered pages
- A common and easy to read typeface (12 points)
- A cover bearing the title of the play and the playwright’s name or pen name 

The texts received will be read and assessed by the Reading Board, which will inform the playwright

of its evaluation.

Some plays will be selected for dramatised readings. Help will also be provided for playwrights who

wish to continue working on their texts after contact with the stage.

Of all the pieces received, one play will be selected to be performed at the Sala Tallers of the TNC.

For one year, the playwright will be able to work on his or her text with the team that will perform it

and assisted by the members of the Reading Board.


Xavier Albertí, Artistic Director of the TNC
Albert Arribas, playwright, stage director and theatre translator
Ignasi Camprodon, Artistic Coordinator of the TNC
Davide Carnevali, playwright and theatre translator into Italian
Jordi Carrillo, Artistic Coordinator of the TNC
Narcís Comadira, poet, playwright and painter
Lluïsa Cunillé, playwright
Laurent Gallardo, literary and theatre translator into French
John London, literary and theatre translator, and professor at Goldsmiths, University of London.
Josep Maria Miró, playwright and stage director
Pau Miró, actor, playwright and stage director
Clarice Plasteig, actress and theatre translator into French
Xavier Pujolràs, artistic advisor. Actor, playwright and director
Carlota Subirós, stage director and translator

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