D. Dimitriadis’ work; Exploring the possibility of the unexpected, by D. Kondylaki

  •  Published on: 17/06/2015


Theatre theorist, translator and director Dimitra Kondylaki, signs the first monograph on the work of Dimitris Dimitriadis, entitled “The theatrical aspect of Dimitris Dimitriadis; Exploring the possibility of the unexpected”. The monograph is part of an essay series (Theatre: Art-Society-Politics) by Nefeli publications.

Following a twenty year long course of creative interactions, this volume constitutes an attempt to approach author Dimitris Dimitriadis as a dramaturg. It provides a theoretical framework of his vital relationship with theatre which, in certain areas, has yet to be explored.

At the same time the reader is given the chance to reflect on more demanding issues on contemporary theatre writing; How is dramatic form evolving? Is it appropriate to consider it a distinct category and, if so, on what terms? What kind of response do we expect from theatre and what response do we receive? Is it possible to associate two separate concepts such as poetic and political theatre? What are the main differences between dramatized literature and the theatrical text? And, on another note, what are the possibilities offered to a director from a theatrical text? Questions such as these are addressed, among others, in this monograph that is devoted to the internationally recognized Greek dramatist, who, as an emerging tragic author, attempts to restore the frightening dimensions of theatre and re-establish the possibility of the unexpected on stage.