Greek Play Festival at Angelon Vima

  •  Published on: 27/03/2015

A festival dedicated to Greek theatre and Greek plays will take place at the Aggelon Vima theatre from October 2014 until June 2015. The festival will feature six productions of modern Greek plays that will be presented throughout the ongoing theatrical season within the NOIR thematic of the Aggelon Vima theatre.

The festival entitled “Six crimes in search of a writer” will be under the artistic direction of playwright Lea Vitali.

Based on Karolos Koun’s reasoning (Greek theatre cannot exist without Greek plays), one of the aspirations of the festival is to federate Greek playwrights and get the audiences acquainted with modern Greek drama.

Each of the plays that will be performed revolves around a crime, a crime that has already happened, a crime in progress, a crime which is real or even imaginary. Each play features a different crime; a crime of passion, a crime within a family, a political crime, a crime of vengeance, an existential crime or even a symbolic one. Through their plays, the six playwrights depict the contemporary Greek and international reality of daily interactions. The various facts and stories are approached in different ways, sometimes critically, sometimes affectionately or even humorously but at the same time maintaining a much needed and thrilling noir atmosphere.

The plays presented in the festival are as follows:

Wild Notes, by Nina Rapi, directed by Chrysa Kapsali (6/10-11/11/2014)

Suspense, by Tzimaras Tzanatos, directed by Vasilis Noulas (17/11-23/12/2014)

Medea, by Dimitris Zougous, directed by Irida Chatziantoniou (29/12-3/2/2015)

A Night at the National Highway, written and directed by Lea Vitali (9/2-17/3/2015

Navy Blue, by Andreas Flourakis, directed by Maria Ksanthopoulou (23/3-28/4/2015)

Doors, written and directed by Chrysa Spilioti (4/5-2/6/2015)


Aggelon Vima, Satovriadou 36, Omonoia

Contact Phone: 210-5242211, 210-5242213

6/10/2014 - 7/6/2015

(The plays will be performed on Monday and Tuesday nights)