Modern Greek playwrights. Tragic mirrors, modern myths (Anthology)

  •  Published on: 27/03/2015

With the initiative of the French Institute of Athens, under the programme “Greece France Alliance 2014” and the collaboration of Maison Antoine Vitez, the anthology Modern Greek playwrights about Modern Greek dramaturgy was published in June 2014.

The anthology is edited by translator Myrto Gondicas and consists of extracts and summaries of various plays by 25 Greek playwrights and is accompanied with bibliographical references and instructions as well as elements concerning the distribution of the plays.

In the publisher’s note it is stated that “…with this anthology, the French reader will be able to escape the cliché of judgment, myth and tragic element and enjoy the polyphony of these lively texts that feature impressive, witty and universal themes and structures.

This anthology is the result of a coordinated and notable effort to promote Modern Greek dramaturgy and encourage translations, publications as well as directions of Greek plays in France and French speaking countries.

The volume includes plays from various Greek playwrights such as: L. Anagnostaki, G. Dialegmenos, D. Dimitriadis, A. Dimou, M. Efstathiadi, A. Flourakis, V. Hatziyannidis, I. Haviara, V. Katsikonouris, D. Kehaidi, K&A Koufalis, M. Laina, G. Maniotis, G. Mavritsakis, V. Mavrogeorgiou, E. Penga, M. Pontikas, L. Prousalidis, S. Serefas, A. Staikos, Al. Stamatis, M, Tsipou, G. Tsiros, K. Zika, M. Virvidakis.

The significance of this effort was also highlighted by the director of the Department of theatre studies in Athens, one of the first people to promote and establish a cultural collaboration between France and Greece, Platon Mavromoustakos, during the presentation of the volume in June 19 that took place at the French Institute of Athens. The presentation of the volume was also supported by the attendance of Laurent Muhleisen, artistic director of Maison Antoine Vitez and director Efi Theodorou.

The anthology was also presented at the Avignon Festival in July 24, with the participation of Dimitris Dimitriadis, the journalist and critic George Voudiklaris, the professor of Theatre History and Aesthetics Olivier Neveux  and the director of Maison Antoine Vitez.