Editorial 37

  •  Published on: 24/06/2023



New season ahead. September is already loaded with summer shows and announcements about upcoming productions. There was a lot of talk about the shows that are leaving, a lot of talk about the shows that are coming before they even come. In such an unstable time somehow the world around us is running to catch up, - probably doesn't know what.

The Greek Play Project will support contemporary drama and its people also this year. New writers will be added to the GPP team and new projects are hatching.

This summer we had to say goodbye to Tsimaras Tzanatos, a great artist an important person. A great loss for the Greek theater, but also for the Greek Play Project. With his thought we will march.

And with the poem Everyday Life that he had sent us for The Day After.


I'm interested in everyday life.

I am interested in the repetition of life.

Though a tautology,

since everything that lives,

because it can and does repeat itself,



Life is not what did not come.

But the routine of what comes.

That every day comes, and nothing changes.

With blessed predictability it comes.

Although with unpredictable terrifying changes.

Much later, you realize how they happened.


I don't know what happiness is.

But I know that it is unhappiness

Not to have a daily routine.


2022, September