•  Published on: 19/07/2022

2021 has been a great test for our world. Greek people were supposed to celebrate the anniversary of the 200 years from the Greek Revolution, but we found ourselves giving a new struggle for survival – along with the rest of the world. Our enemy, invisible and dangerous, still hides its powers well from us and surely knows how to mutate. At the same time we have to face ourselves, Man, who unfortunately instead of realizing the ephemerality of his existence and the value of the human dimension of life releases his worst self defeated by fear and anxiety.

Art seeks to find room in a world that is becoming closed and isolated, that is afraid of contact and uncovered faces. In a world that divides and separates us instead of bringing us together.

The Greek Play Project will continue its effort for Greek drama and Greek creators against all odds. Not just hoping, but working for a better world - on and off stage.

May the stars shine for us in 2022.