Sakis Serefas wins the Greek State prize for Children’s Literature

  •  Published on: 03/04/2015

On the road again, Sakis Serefas’ eighth children’s book, that was published by Metaixmio publishing house in illustrations by Vasilis Papatsarouhas, won the 1st prize at the Greek State Awards for Children’s Literature, as announced by the Department of Arts, Books & Digital Content, by the Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs.

As announced by the award committee: “The author, using narrative techniques and modes such as humor, surrealistic representations of things and intertextuality, tells influential life stories at various points in the narrative and in an effort to promote creative reading and actively engaging the reader in the process. The language employed is enriched with everyday expressions that children are familiar with, making the book highly attractive and appealing to them.”

The Greek Play Project warmly congratulates him.