Editorial 31

  •  Published on: 04/05/2021

2021 emerged modestly, loaded by all of us with many, many expectations. We hope it will  bring the coveted ascension, the gradual release and the return to hugs.
We, the team of the Greek Play Project, choose to publish all the texts of the DAY AFTER written during the first quarantine, from March to May 2020, at the beginning of this brand new year as a wish list.
A wish list that exorcises fears and strengthens desires.
We hope that the Day After will come soon.
Thay will quickly heal the wounds - physical and mental - quickly reunite people, show their faces, will permit smiles, hugs,and release people to return to their lives. Wiser and more aware.
We wish that art venues and theaters re-open soon, artists return to their natural space and zoom is a choice and not a one-way street.

 With the wish for Today!

Happy New Year. 

Link to the edition: https://issuu.com/moundraki/docs/____________last