•  Published on: 26/08/2020

Τheatre is the art of communication as theatre is mainly contact! Loneliness it’s not its style at all! It requires teamwork, coexistence, cooperation, it is a collective art. After all, remember, it is the product of dialogue and communication. Communication on many levels and directions - the artists, the characters, the actors between them, the actors with the audience, the eras, the director's and the writer's intellect. Theatre, unlike other arts, cannot be introvert even when the circumstances are difficult. But it can pause for a while when a situation, that no one could, imagine demands it.

The threat of Covid-19 requires an immediate and responsible reaction from each and all of us. Let’s stay in in order to keep the virus out. Our attitude must be collective and responsible. The priority is one: We must all stay healthy. The faster and more disciplined we react, the sooner we get back to our posts, the rehearsals will start again, the curtains will rise again and the auditoriums will be full again.
Until then let's reorganize our lives, but in our homes everyone. Let's stay home. Let's take care of ourselves and of our people, let's read, write, and plan our new projects. There are so many great projects and plays to discover, travel with them and dream them on stage. Let's dream about the theatre we want. Let's be creative. Theater it’s gonna be hurt these days - no doubt - but it is not in danger. Once again, it will be healed and will heal.

March, 2020