Playwriting contest – Writing an original play

  •  Published on: 03/04/2015

The GPP (Greek Play Project), in cooperation with BlackBox, are proud to launch "Write your myth", a playwriting contest where participants are asked to submit an original theatrical play. The contest is another initiative for the support and promotion of Modern Greek dramaturgy. It should be mentioned that the play that will receive 1st prize, will be performed on stage.

The plays submitted should be written originally in Greek and must address the topic of the renegotiation of the ancient Greek myth in relation to modern man and society.

The plays will be selected by the contest committee, that consists of the following members: playwright author Akis Dimou, director and actor Stamatis Fasoulis,  dramaturg and theatre critic Grigoris Ioannidis, dramaturg Maria Karananou, dramaturg and Creator-Head of GPP Irene Mountraki as well as dramaturg and theatre critic Savvas Patsalidis.

The play that will receive 1st prize will be performed on stage at BlackBox in Thessaloniki and at Alkmini Theatre in Athens.

Deadline for submissions: 15 July 2015


Write your myth

Playwriting contest – Terms and Conditions


1. Prizes


1st prize: If selected as the winner of the contest, the playwright of the selected winning play will be awarded with their submission being adapted included in the winter season repertory of BlackBox into a running production by Blackbox and will eventually be performed on stage. The performance will take place during the 2015-2016 theatrical season and will be performed at Blackbox in Thessaloniki and at Alkmini Theatre in Athens.

Honorable mention: The play that will receive an honorable mention will also be presented in public in the form of a theatrical reading.


2. Contest Submissions


To be eligible for the contest, all plays must be submitted until the final submission date which is 15 July 2015. Any plays submitted after this date, will not be accepted.


3. Playwriting guidelines


All the submitted plays must be written originally in Modern Greek. The topic of the contest is the renegotiation of ancient Greek myth in relation to modern man and society.

Further specifications:

a. The plays must be submitted in A4 paper size, ½ spacing and should be up to 100 pages.

b. Minimum number of characters: 3

c. The plays should have relatively simple technical specifications


4. The plays can be sent via courier or via post, to ensure the anonymity of the playwrights. In order to receive the file number assigned to their personal file, any playwright participating in the contest is kindly requested to contact Mr. Panos Delinikopoulos.

Shipping address: BlackBox, 2 Fleming street, Postal Code: 54642, Thessaloniki (Mr. Panos Delinikopoulos), marked “For the GPP playwriting contest”.


5. Submission of the plays


Participation in the contest is expressly limited to 1 play per participant. In case of multiple entries by one playwright, all the submitted projects will be disqualified from the competition and will be returned to the playwright.

Each playwright must submit 3 copies of their play in a sealed envelope.

Every submitted play must be signed using a pseudonym. The actual name, surname, address and phone number of the playwrightor any additional information whatsoever, must be included in a sealed envelope that will accompany the submitted copies. Any reference or mention to the actual name on the submitted copies will lead to an instant suspension from the contest.


6. Accompanying materials and documents


Along with the copies of their play, each playwright is asked to submit:

a. A signed statement declaring that the work submitted is original and has not previously been published, taught or performed on stage or copied by any television or film script, as well as that the project has not previously been submitted to any other contest of any kind. If any information featured in the official document is falsified, the participant will be instantly disqualified from the contest.

b. A signed statement in which the participant agrees to the terms and conditions mentioned in the present announcement.

These two official documents must also be enclosed in the sealed envelope along with the playwright’s identity details.

If, in any case, following the contest submission, the author agrees to a production of the submitted play, before the announcement of the contest results, the playwright must notify the GPP immediately and withdraw its work from the running contest.


7. Contest Committee - Announcement of the Awards


The submitted plays will be read and evaluated by the committee appointed by the GPP.

The reasons for any decisions taken concerning the final results will be formally published.

The GPP reserves the right to decide not to award any prizes in case the appointed committee decides that the works submitted do not meet the established quality criteria required for the contest.


8. Award Ceremony


The contest results will be announced by November 2015.

Any of the submitted works that will not receive an award are no longer bound to any publication or restrictions of any kind referred to in the present announcement.


9. Ownership of Copyright


Each playwright shall retain sole and complete title, both legal and equitable, including copyright ownership, as far as their work is concerned and all rights and uses of any kind, except for the following:

a. Any formal public reading of their plays during the award ceremony or any other places controlled by the GPP by actors chosen by the GPP and the BlackBox at its own expense and for the course of one year from the announcement of the awards.

b. Any presentation of their work on stage in Greece for up to two consecutive theatrical seasons, in a span of 3 years since the announcement of the awards at the expense of the GPP and BlackBox.

c. Any videotaped presentation of the award ceremony at any given time.


10. General Rules


The GPP and Blackbox reserve the right in their sole discretion to supplement or make any alterations to the provisions included in the present announcement as well as the right to change the presentation venuesite of the project.


11. Acceptance of General Rules


By entering the contest, all participants hereby agree to the terms and conditions that are included in the present announcement.


12. Copies of the submitted plays


Any copies of the plays submitted in the contest will remain to the possession of the GPP and will not be returned.


13. For further information regarding the contest, please contact:

2310 829254 (Mr. Panos Delinikopoulos, dramaturg and Project Manager for the GPP contest) or


Athens, March 2015