The Building by Penny Fylaktaki

  •  Published on: 31/03/2015

On Thursday, March 12th at 20:00, Digamma publications proudly invite you to a book presentation; The Building, a book by Penny Fylaktaki will be presented at Café Floral at Exarchia.

Several artists are scheduled to appear and participate in the discussion, including translator Dimitris Psaras, the director Alexandros Sotiriou, the author Yannis Antamis, the editor of Digamma publications and the author of the book herself.

Excerpts from the play will be read by various actors such as: Dimitris Sakatzis, Alexandros Kaltzidis, Periklis Stavrou, Theodosis Fylaktos and Dimitris Koustolidis.


Walls have ears…but do they have a voice?

It is the first time I ever talked about them-because, admittedly, buildings do not speak.

A building holds the leading role in the play and uses this advantageous position to talk about its life. In a span of 100 years, its identity continuously changes. The building grows along with people and its existence is formed and shaped by this interaction. Its speech captures its personal fate and human destiny and the language used reflects the repetitive nature and patterns of human activities. As the narration unfolds, we witness a century of war and peace, hope and devastation, snapshots of life and collective memories, all seen and documented from the perspective of a human creation whose longevity, is simultaneously a blessing and a curse; how many times can a creation, such as a building, relive the same things over and over again?

Digamma publications inaugurate their appearance in the publishing world with the original narrative The Building by Penny Fylaktaki. The Building is the first modern edition that was printed in a traditional manner. Digamma publications hope that this edition, a sample of their fine aesthetic, will excite all book lovers with its nostalgic, raised paging and the artistic touch of Grigoris Alexiou.