Presentation of the book “Neighing” by Marios Pontikas

  •  Published on: 10/03/2015

Monday, February 9th at Attis Theatre


Along with a theatre friendly book series, Mov Skiouros publications inaugurate their publishing activities with Marios Pontikas’s Neighing.  The publication is bilingual and was translated in English by Penny Fylaktaki. The introduction was written by Kaiti Diamantakou-Agathou, assistant professor in the department of Theatre Studies at the University of Athens while the addendum was written by Vayos Liapis, associate professor at the Open University of Cyprus. The publication also features a note by Theodore Terzopoulos. The book presentation will be held on Monday, February 9th at 20:00, at Attis Theatre (Leonidou 7, Metaksourgio). The discussants at the event will be Kaiti Diamantakou-Agathou, Anna Maria Droumpouki, doctor of modern history at the University of Athens and Yorgos Pefanis, assistant professor of dramaturgy in the department of Theatre Studies at the University of Athens while actor Elias Meletis is going to read excerpts from the book.  

After his horse part from the waist down is detached from his body, the centaur Chiron is cut in half; his animalistic nature has abandoned his human one, tired of its promethean hopes of progress- an eternal excuse for all sorts of crimes, crimes that eventually hinder any development. Remorseful and tormented by the Furies, the centaur Chiron gives in to humility and resorts to the depths of silence. Making the decision to never speak again, he hopes that one day, he will once again find his other half and reunite with it, galloping and neighing away from people.

Cassandra addresses the dead, the first part of three, was presented at the 2nd International Meeting for Ancient Drama in Sikyona and was the inspiration for “Neighing”. Theodore Terzopoulos as well as the book’s author delivered readings from the play which was also presented in 2007 at Attis Theatre with Terzopoulos as the director of the performance.

In August 2011, excerpts from the play Neighing were read by the Marios Pontikas and Terzopoulos at the 3rd International Meeting for Ancient Drama in Sikyona. “Marios Pontikas challenges definitions and stereotypes, disparages the human centered problem and renounces its cancelled solutions, indulging to a constant derision in every form and every way.” (From Terzopoulos’s note)

In 2012, Neighing was chosen as one of the 119 best new European Plays (European Theatre Convention). Translated by Myrto Gontika, excerpts of the play have also been featured in the volume Les cahiers de la maison Antoine Vitez, Centre International de la Traduction Theatrale (No 11).


Marios Pontikas: Neighing

English translation: Penny Fylaktaki

Publishing house: Mov Skiouros, January 2015

Pages: 112

Price: 12 euro

ISBN: 978-618-81732-0-0

Bookstore-Publishing House: Mov Skiouros

Karytsi Square 3, Athens

Tel: 210 3251872

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