•  Published on: 09/09/2018

When such a catastrophe, a tragedy, a criminal act takes place - it is of no importance how someone will decide to call it - it is hard to find the words to speak, to write, to express yourself and the way you feel. No word can erase, exorcise, or soothe untold feelings: pain that tears apart your soul, anger that leads you to despair, desperation that grows your void, and a sense of injustice that swallows you. There is no way here, no choice leading to Catharsis. Neither mercy nor fear can work.
The Greek Play Project keeps silence for all those people who left. For parents, children, young people, older ones. For all the people, like us, who dreamed of a beautiful afternoon by the sea. For our own Chrysa Spiliotis, a member of the Gpp family. A creative woman, full of light, ideas, dreams.
For the unjust .... For the absurd ...
Let us hope in tomorrow and in memory.

The good fortune a man enjoys is a sketchy thing at best, 
and if one's fortunes change,
 a wet sponge erases them with but a single pass.
Agamemnon by Aeschylus