•  Published on: 16/11/2017

A personal editorial.

Four years earlier, I was planning feverishly a project, with the collaboration of my beloved friend and co-worker, Maria Karananou, and a few more people; a project that I was thinking about since years: the Greek Play Project. What would it be, how it would be, who were going to be part of this, how we should communicate it. Countless questions, anxieties and difficulties, but, above all, a lot of love and passion for theater and for what little by little was becoming reality.

This two-day event, with which we celebrated the three years of the GPP but also contemporary Greek dramaturgy, theatre and its people filled me with optimism in difficult times. Artists, theoreticians and ordinary audiences, rushed to join us in order to attend the two plays that were awarded in the 1st Theatrical Competition that we conducted with the subject "Write Your Myth" - Eleni or Soula by Despina Kalaitzidou (Prize) and Diagonal by Panayota Dimopoulou (Praise) - but also to take part in the discussion that was organized on "Theater Contests and Modern Greek dramaturgy". People in good mood, smiling and honest. This is our award.

But, I feel the need to thank the people that without them GPP wouldn’t exist: Maria Karananou my fellow traveller, Evi Karageorgiou for all her patience and affection, Aggelikou Poulou and Myrto Evagelidou, who are always rushing as guardian angels, the exquisite Maria Bouba, the incomparable Tatou, our little Maria Giannatou, Vassiliki Messiou, who so much cares for our translations as Elena Deliou and Elina Palaska, the guy of our band, the filmmaker Stelios Bouziotis, Mario Kallo that we may miss but he excels in Canada, our photographers Nekty, Niko and Eleftheria. All the playwrights and theatre specialists who so embraced the project. Thomas and Daphne, always ready to help.

Stamatis Fassoulis, Gregory Ioannidis, Akis Dimou, Savvas Patsalidis, who was our committee for the competition. Manos Karatzogiannis, who allowed us to open his direction period at Station Theater and Nikos Makkas for the excellent hospitality. Patroclos Skafidas, Alexandros Alexandrou who hurried willing and creative, but also Rinio and Milena.

Our friends who were present at the theatre these two days. Katerina Angelidaki, Leia Vitali, Panagiotis Menti, Sissy Papathanassiou, Kyriaki Petrakou, Antonis Skleparis, Takis Tzamargia who participated in the conference. Despina and Panagiota, our awarded playwrights.

The director Andreas Andreou, Kostis Kallivretakis and Frederick Fili, who honored us by participating in the stage reading. The wonderful Giorgos Lyras who so much loved the project and set up a wonderful show and the stunning Evangelia Moumouri for everthing.

I thank them from the bottom of my heart and I wish that we meet soon again in even more beautiful projects. New plans for the future.

Because, we also write our myth ... our way...

I wish a nice theatre season to everybody.


                                                                                                                          October 2017