Write to play; Playwriting Studio by the National Theatre of Greece

  •  Published on: 27/03/2015

Aiming for the development of Greek dramaturgy and the emergence of a new generation of playwrights, the National Greek Theatre in partnership with the artistic director Sotiris Hatzakis, organize a one-act theatre playwriting workshop.

The playwriting studio is addressed to anyone wishing to acquire or expand their knowledge on the art of playwriting with the aid of established playwrights and people involved with theatre.

The teachers of the playwriting studio are as follows: 

Journalist and Author Minas Vidiadis

Playwright and Educator Vasilis Katsikonouris

Author and Theatre Critic Iraklis Logothetis

Novelist and Playwright Vangelis Hatziyannidis

Studio teachers will also invite artists and authors of their choice, who will carry out additional courses. 

The playwriting studio will be coordinated by Iraklis Logothetis.

Duration: The studio will last for three months (a total of 96 teaching hours) from February 14th until May 10th 2015 and will take place every weekend from 12:00 to 16:00 (except for the weekend of 11-12 April).

On Stage: The studio teachers, the artistic director of the National Theatre, playwright Antonis Koufalis as well as dramaturg of the National Theatre Savvas Kyriakidis will select the three more complete and interesting plays that will result from this 3 month studio.

The three selected plays will be showcased at the National Theatre from directors and actors who will be chosen by the artistic direction. The presentation of the plays will take place on a day that will be dedicated to the playwriting studio.

Audience Award: Following a voting procedure, the audience will grant the Audience Award to the one-act play of their preference. An online voting procedure will take place at the same time on the Facebook page of the National Theatre, where the selected plays will be featured.

Terms and Conditions: Anyone interested to participate in the playwriting studio will have to submit their application, including a CV not exceeding 150 words (with full contact details) until January 20th 2015 at the web address studio@n-t.gr . The play should not exceed 500 words and can be in any style of form (monologue or dialogue). The plays will have to evolve around the same theme; “A meeting”. 

Participation Fees: 150 euro per person as a lump sum. Participants can pay the fees from January 26th until February 6th 2015.

Evaluation of Applications Committee: The submitted plays will be evaluated by a committee composed of the teachers of the studio and National Theatre dramaturg Savvas Kyriakidis. The selected participants will be notified after the deadline for the submission of applications.

Supervisor: Katerina Aggelidaki (6951 008132)

Press Information: 210 5288164, 210 5288111