Eurodram; For the promotion of Greek drama in Germany;

  •  Published on: 27/03/2015

Eurodram is a European theatre translation network created in order to aid the promotion and spreading of dramaturgy and its subsequent translations in European, Mediterranean and Central Asia languages. Its purpose is to promote works that haven’t been published and make them known to professionals and audiences as well. The network consists of 40 reading groups, depending on the language of the theatrical text. Eurodram consists of more than 300 members and is divided in language committees. Each committee is responsible of choosing 3 plays every year and for promoting them within and outside the boundaries of the network. 

For the time being one of the network’s aims is to establish an intellectual communication between translators and playwrights and the German theatrical stage as well as the support of yet unpublished works that do not follow the current trend.

In May 2015, a reading of selected texts as well as discussions regarding translation themes is scheduled to take place in an important German theatre. The presentation will occur during the European theatre festival, along with presentations from other language committees.

Those who are interested in participating in the contest, are required to submit a theatrical text, written in a Mediterranean or Central Asian language, which has been translated in German and hasn’t been performed or published as a play under that specific translation. The translation of the play should be recent (not over 5 years).


Submission of texts: (Ulrike Syha)

Final submission date: 31/12/2014

For more information regarding the Eurodram network and the selection process of the theatrical texts can be found in or via e-mail: