Analogio Festival 2017

  •  Published on: 09/09/2017

New drama. Greek plays.

 Exploring the latest writings for the stage.


From Saturday 16/9 until Sunday 24/9/2017

At Theatro Technis (14 Frinichou str., Plaka)


Under the auspices of Ministry of Culture and Sports



ANALOGIO FESTIVAL, member of EFA/EFFE (European Festivals Association/ Europe for Festivals- Festivals for Europe),is coming back to the Theatre Technis, at the stage of Frinichou in Plaka, from 16th to 24th of September 2017. Devoted to its audience, the Festival is presenting a multidimensional programme, while focusing on new artistic creativity and targeting to the feature of greek dramaturgy, theatre, and latest cultural creativity.






Saturday 16/9

18:00: Penny Fylaktaki «Weed in the sea-bottom» || Direction: Konstantinos Markellos

20:00: Zuzana Uličianska «Tagebuch»|| Direction: Roubini Moschochoriti

21:00: Marigo Alexopoulou  «Good Morning Week» (Youth Theatre)  ||Direction: Georgina Kakoudaki


Sunday, 17/9

11:30: Marigo Alexopoulou  «Good Morning Week» (Youth Theatre)  ||Direction: Georgina Kakoudaki


12:00: Focus Slovakia. Panel Discussion and Book Presentation of “Contemporary Slovak Dramaturgy: Zuzana Uličianska, Dodo Gombár, Viliam Klimáček», translated by George Papagiannakis. With the participation of: Vladislava Fekete (President of the Institute of Theatre in Slovakia), Zuzana Uličianska /Dodo Gombár (Slovakian Writers), Konstantinos Bouras (Theatrologist, Theatre Critic), Yiorgos Papagiannakis (Translator, Theatre Critic), Sissy Papathanassiou (Artistic Director of the Analogio Festival) Leandros Polenakis (Writer, Theatre Critic). Readings by Larissa Vergou (actor, head of All about Festival).

Venue: 45th Athens Book Fair, The Zappeion Gardens.


19:00 Dodo Gombár «Euroroom» || Direction: Helen Georgopoulou.

20:00 Viliam Klimáček  «The day Gagarin died» || Direction: Menelaos Karantzas

21:00 Zuzana Uličianska «Tagebuch»|| Direction: Roubini Moschochoriti


Monday 18/9


18:00: «A Tribute to Kazantzakis. Report to Greco»,walking performance || Curator: Geert Vermeire || With the participation of: Charis Simeonidou, Larissa Vergou Συμμετέχουν: Χάρις Συμεωνίδου, Λαρίσα Βέργου, Christina Hilla-Fameli || Meeting Point: Theatre Technis, Frinichou str.

19:00: Dodo Gombár «Euroroom» || Direction: Helen Georgopoulou

20:00: Viliam Klimáček «The day Gagarin died» || Direction: Menelaos Karantzas


Tuesday 19/9

19:00: Penny Fylaktaki «Weed in the sea-bottom» || Direction: Konstantinos Markellos

21:00: Maria Efstathiadi «PRIVATOPIA» || Direction: Damianos Konstantinidis


Wednesday 20/9

19:00: Maria Efstathiadi «PRIVATOPIA» || Direction: Damianos Konstantinidis

21:00: Giannis Soldatos «When Karagiozis met Merkel at Exarcheia» || Direction: Dimitris Pantelias


Thursday 21/9

19:00: Aliki Arnaouti «Oblations II» || ISite - specific Augmented Reality Installation with new media || Starting Point: Theatre Technis, Frinichou str.||

20:30: «A Poetry Performance» in co-operation with the 3d Athens World Poetry Festival || Curator: Sissy Papathanassiou || Readings by Μania Papadimitriou, Charis Simeonidou, Larissa Vergou, Christina Hilla Fameli and Renos Mantis.

21:00: Panos Kyparissis «In absentia» || Direction: Panos Kyparissis


Friday 22/9

19:00: Panos Kyparissis «In absentia» || Direction: Panos Kyparissis

21:00: A Tribute to Kazantzakis “Don Quixote”, an unknown script||Direction Spyros Vrachoritis, Sissy Papathanassiou

22:00: Discussion: «Nikos Kazantzakis. Movie Scripts and Screenplays».With the participation of: Nikos Mathioudakis, Scientific Consultant of Kazantzakis Editions and Thanassis Agathos, Scientific Professor of New greek filologoy (Univesity of Athens)


Saturday 23/9

19:00: Natalia Katsou «Commodity» || Direction Lilly Meleme||

21:00: Giannis Soldatos «When Karagiozis met Merkel at Exarcheia» || Direction: Dimitris Pantelias


Sunday 24/9

19:00: Natalia Katsou « Commodity » || Direction Lilly Meleme||

21:00: Vaggelis Chronis «And now, what are we doing?» || Direction: Manos Karatzogiannis


THE PERFORMANCES: INFORMATIONS (presented in order alphabetical order)


«And now, what are we doing?» || Vaggelis Chronis || Direction: Manos Karatzogiannis

A man who talks with his dead wife but he feels her as she is always with him. We don’t hear her voice but we can guess her answers in this strange game of human relationships where death may take apart two people but their love and their bonding is much more beyond it. It feels like the question “and now, what are we doing” is much more rhetorical, since the answer is well known not only for him who stays as also for her who has left.

Direction: Μanos Karatzogiannis | Pianist on stage: Αntonis Papakonstantinou | Painter on stage: Dinos Petratos | Actor: Αntonis Kafetzopoulos | With the participation of: Giolanda Balaoura


«Don Quixote» || Nikos Kazantzakis || Co-operation of Spyros Vrachoritis, Sissy Papathanassiou, Kazantzakis Editions

Obsessed with the chivalrous ideals touted in books he has read, he decides to take up his lance and sword to defend the helpless and destroy the wicked. And in that way his craziness is getting spread. Nikos Kazantzakis gives us his poetic glance at the story of Don Quixote, as a romantic fighter and ideal lover of the fantasy against the cruel and harsh reality. 


 «Euroroom» || Dodo Gombár || Direction: Helen Georgopoulou.

Stefan is Slovakian. Stefan is Roma. Stefan is European. Stefan is 33 years old. He is stealing, stubbing, doing prison, falling in love, playing music, playing box and discovering all the contradictions and inequalities in a Europe that insists on feeling proud of its solidarity.

Translation: George Papagiannakis | Direction: Helen Georgopoulou | Video: Dimitris Vergardos – Vana Stergiou |Music Improvisations: Michael Klapakis | Actors: Κostadis Mizaras, Aggeliki Tombrou, Michael Klapakis.


«Commodity» || Natalia Katsou || Direction Lilly Meleme

What happens if we start with one, typical move? Touching the ground with our feet. A journey of transformations with a common target: to be a useful fabric, necessary and of added value.

Direction - Music: Lilly Meleme | Set Design - Costumes: Vassiliki Syrma Actors : Irene Valatsou, Paris Leontios


«Goodmorning Week» (Youth Theatre)  || Marigo Alexopoulou  || Direction: Georgina Kakoudaki

Five students of Highschool who have a radio station, decide to present a theatre play, where the protagonist is an “ant… in despair”.

Direction: Georgina Kakoudaki| Music: Αngeliki Grigoropoulou | Video: Iris Katsoula | Actors: Dimitris Gerolimatos, Savvas Vasileiadis, Stavros Lilikakis, Catherine Aggelitsa, Iris Katsoula, Aggeliki Grigoropoulou, Thanasis Kromlidis, Graduates of Dramatic School “Action 7”


 «In absentia» || Panos Kyparissis

Α monologue of a woman who, as a child–during war, - was refugee a for five years in Hungary. Now, in a psychiatric hospital, she always recalls that period of her life, that she never managed to get over.

Direction: Panos Kyparissis || Actor: Vassiliki Skalkou


«Tagebuch» || Zuzana Uličianska || Direction: Roubini Moschochoriti

Based on the personal diaries of two Slovakian women, who –after the decay of Czechoslovakia- moved to Austria where they worked as nurses and took care of an old Austrian woman with serious psychological issues.

Translation:George Papagiannakis | Direction: Roubini Moschochoriti | Actors: Αlice Alexandraki, Nikoletta Vlavianou, Catherine Bilalli  


«The day Gagarin died» || Viliam Klimáček || Direction: Menelaos Karantzas

A play in three times: 1) 1968, after a nuclear explosion, the residents of Slovakia, who in the meantime have become a member of Eurasian Union, live exclusively in skyscrapers. 2) 1988, when a Russian military base is celebrating the 20 years anniversary since the death of Gagarin 3) 2018, when the first Slovakian astronaut has to be sacrificed for his country and for Europe.

Translation:George Papagiannakis | Direction- Music Selection: Menelaos Karantzas | Actors: Yiorgos Yiannakakos, Μenelaos Kyparissis, Nikos Lekakis, Maria Petevi


 «PRIVATOPIA» || Maria Efstathiadi || Direction: Damianos Konstantinidis

In a community with access control, the entrance is forbidden.

When a black cat manages to enter without being caught by security, everything turnes upside down.

Direction: Damianos Konstantinidis | Actos: Εlissaios Vlachos, Joseph Iosifidis, Elli Merkouri, Sinthia Batsi, Nikos Pantelidis, Dimitris Papavasileiou, Despoina Serafeidou, Stergianna Tzeka


 «Weed in the sea-bottom» || Penny Fylaktaki || Direction: Konstantinos Markellos

86.400. That’s the amount in his will under one condition: the one who will manage to invest them in one day, will take the money. Hard. Even harder though is the fact that the two brothers will meet each other after 22 years. In their house on the beach with the seaweeds.

Direction: Konstantinos Markellos | Set Design: Helen Stergiou & Dimitris | Costumes: Maria Karathanou | Music: Antonis Papakonstantinou | Actors: Kostas Kazanas, Νektaria Giannoudaki, Marouska Panagiotopoulou, Giorgos Savvidis and Helias Zervos as the voice of the notary.





«When Karagiozis met Merkel at Exarcheia» || Giannis Soldatos || Direction: Dimitris Pantelias When the house of Karagiozis paid property tax, his family ended being homeless in Exarcheia, where the Chancellor Merkel will pay a visit.

Direction: Dimitris Pantelias | Lighting: Panagiotis Vasilakis | Costume Designer: Ioanna Tsami | Music: Paninos Damianos | Musicians: Paninos Damianos, Ioannis Stratakis, Yioula Giannaki

Actors: Gerasimos Gennatas, Eugenia Apostolou, Tatiana Papamoschou, Augoustinos Remoundos, Joseph Iosiphidis, Marianna Lampiri, Spyros Varelis, Ioannis Stratakis, Elli Boboli, Klearchos Papageorgiou



Artistic Director: Sissy Papathanasiou

Photographer: Frank James Johnson

Walking performances Curator: Geert Vermeire / the milena principle

Production Manager: Despoina Errikou

Production Organization: Kiveli Dragoumi, Αnestis Kottas, Helen Mitsakou

Lighting: Ζoe Molivda-Fameli

Art (print and web) design: A4Artdesign

Site design and development:

Production Support: Artistic Company ‘Metamorphosi”

Promotion: Georgia Zouba




Days of the Festival: every day, from 16/9 to 24/9/2017

Price: 7 €, 10 € (special price for 2 plays), 14 € (special price for 3 plays), 5 € (for unemployed OR people with special needs).

There are special prices and offers for groups, daily tickets and the whole programme of the festival.

Venue: Theatre Technis – Frinichou Stage, 14 Frinichou str., Plaka, Tel.: 210 32 22 464 / Metro Station, stop Acropolis.


For further information regarding the programme and the audiovisual material of the festival, you may visit  και analogiofestival


Under the auspices of Ministry of Culture and Sports,

With the kind support of the J.F. Costopoulos Foundation

In co-operation with Theatre Institute of Slovakia|| Editions Kazantzaki ||INSTITUTO CERVANTES DE ATENAS || Musical Studies department of University of Athens, Third International Festival of Poetry || Open Art || The Milena Principle || 46th Zappeion Book Fair




Regarding the history of ANALOGIO FESTIVAL

The Analogio Festival, a centre for drama, theatre and performing arts, is a non profit organization founded in 2005 in Athens, Greece, by the artistic director Sissy Papathanasiou, aiming to develop and to present new plays & performance works that experiment with the new writing experience.

‘Analogio’’ besides showcasing Greek plays [ancient & contemporary] and presenting international plays, has been a notable centre for discovering and supporting young talent and for promoting cultural exchanges, innovative creativity and inter-disciplinary dialogue.

So far, Analogio has worked with 800 artists, including 85 playwrights (1/3 of them were presented for the first time). We number: 130 first productions of new plays, 28 commissioned plays and performance works

30 domestic and international artistic residencies, 4 international programs with 30 translations and

a great number of rehearsed readings, workshops and co-productions, 6 published books / contemporary Greek Drama & collective editions of plays.


We reviewed more than 2.500 plays through our open access program and we partnered with over 80 theaters, theatre groups, festivals and universities (among them: Athens & Epidaure Festival, National Theatre of Greece, Art Theatre, University of Montreal, Department of Music Studies of Athens University, Department of Theatre Studies of Thessaloniki and Nafplion Universities, Sarajevo Festival, Undercloud Festival Bucarest…). We welcomed more than 100.000 audience members and 200 volunteers to 25 editions of the festival since 2005 (main programs / co-operations / co productions / exchanges ) and we worked closely with 9 local communities in Athens and the greek territory;

This year, Analogio Festival became member of EFA/EFFE (European Festivals Association/ Europe for Festivals- Festivals for Europe), the organization that was founded in Geneva 1952 with the aim of contributing to international exchange of knowledge and ideas, connecting festival’s organizations of some 40 countries.

Analogio serves as hub; as a platform of text /language research, proposing dialogue between theater and other arts and media.