Theatre Writing Workshop by Karolos Koun Art Theatre

  •  Published on: 27/03/2015

The workshop is led by Andreas Flourakis, Marianna Kalbari and Platon Mavromoustakos. The workshop is addressed to anyone interested in practicing theatre writing through a multidimensional approach of the theatrical text and with the assistance and guidance of its three leaders: playwright Andreas Flourakis, director and executive of the Art Theatre Marianna Calbari, academic and head of the department of Theatre Studies at the University of Athens, Platon Mavromoustakos.

It should be noted that selected material from the workshop will be presented at the Art Theatre.

The workshop programme is as follows:

This workshop on theatre writing has both a theoretical and a practical application and introduces new ways of observing and progressively creating dramatic characters and theatrical texts. (Led by: Andreas Flourakis)

The participants will, through a series of exercises and improvisation, consider what is essential and important to the narration of a story. (Led by: Marianna Calbari)

 The workshop participants will also be presented with the basic characteristics of Greek postwar theatre drama, especially focusing on the practice followed by the Art Theatre. (Led by: Platon Mavromoustakos)

The workshop’s duration is 72 hours and is scheduled to take place at the Benaki Museum Library and the Art Theatre. Every meeting with the workshop leaders will last for 3 academic hours including the break.  

Workshop fees: 400 euro

Master class: During the workshop, master classes will be held and feature renowned playwrights and directors.

Those interested to participate in the workshop are requested to send a CV at the following e-mail address:

Contact person: Anna Oubelonte, 210-3222760 (10:00-15:00, daily)

Registration: Monday to Friday, from 10:00-15:00 and 18:00-20:00 at the Art Theatre-Ypogeio (Pesmatzoglou 5)

Workshop leaders:

Andreas Flourakis: Andreas Flourakis holds an MA (Masters Degree) in Writing for the Stage and Broadcast media and a Diploma on Filmmaking. Since 2001, he has taught Theatre Writing techniques at the Hellenic Centre of the ITI, the “Epi Kolono” Theatre, the Theatre of Changes, the Kansas University (KU) etc. In 2003 he received a special distinction in the one-act play competition organized by the Art Theatre, in 2004 he was awarded the Fulbright scholarship and in 2008 he received awards both in the International Monodrama Contest organized by UNESCO-FA and the one act play competition of DI.PE.THE (Municipal theatre) of Rhodes. His works have been performed at the Art Theatre (2014), the “Epi Kolono” Theatre (2010, 2011, 2012, 2014), Vafeion theatre (2014), the Municipal Theatre of Serres (2013), the 104 Theatre of Literature and Art (2012), the National Theatre (Analogio, 2011), the Ouga Klara theatre (2011), the Delphi Festival (2007), the Cultural Olympiad (2003), the Amore-Notos Theatre (2001-2002), as well as at the Royal Court Theatre (2001, 2013), Gate Theatre (2003), Tristan Bates (2009) of London, the Inge Theatre (2005), Hidden Hills (2005) and HotINK festival (2007), at Queens Theatre in the Park (2009) in the USA etc. In 2013 he represented Greece at the Royal Court Theatre as part of the “The Big Idea: PIIGS, New to the economic crisis in Europe” project.

Marianna Calbari: Marianna is a graduate of the School of Dramatic Art Theatre Karolos Koun and the Paris-Sorbonne University (department of literature and communication). In Paris, she also studied acting at the Andreas Voutsinas studio (Atelier du theatre des cinquante) and direction at the Charpentier Art Studio. She has directed various theatre and musical performances at Art Theatre, the National Theatre of Greece, the Athens Festival, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation as well as at the Argo Theatre, the Chytirio Theatre, the Bios Theatre, the Olvio Theatre, the Epi Kolono theatre, the little Palace theatre and the Metaxourgeio theatre (during the Cultural Olympiad-Monologues 2003). She has written and directed her own plays ("A breath yet," "New Blood", etc.) while some of her plays have been directed by Mimis Kougioumtzis ("Once and a minute"), Dimitri Lignadis ("Viomageia") Frosso Lytra ("The trains sleep at night"). Four of her plays for children and their respective adaptations have been performed in theatres of Athens and Thessaloniki. As an actor, she has worked with the Art Theatre, the National theatre, the “Spectacle”theatre group, the DI.PE.THE (Municipal Theatre) of Rhodes, the Hellenic Cosmos (FHW). Since 2005, she has been teaching acting at the Drama School of the Art Theatre Karolos Koun. He has also taught at the University of Peloponnese, the Moraiti School and Act Seven drama school. As of September 2014 she is the artistic director of the Art Theatre Karolos Koun.

Platon Mavromoustakos: Platon Mavromoustakos was born in Alexandria, Egypt. He is a graduate of the Moraitis School (1976), holds a degree in Law by the University of Athens (1981) and received his Doctorate from the Institut d "Etudes Théâtrales, Université de La Sorbonne Nouvelle -Paris III, “Theatre stage and space in the Modern Greek Theatre”(1987). He is the head of the Department of Theatre Studies at the University of Athens where he has taught since 1991. He has been invited by universities in Europe (Oxford, Paris, Berlin, Dublin, Prague, Coimbra, etc.), America (Brown, Harvard, Princeton, Emory, Yale, New School, CUNY, etc.) and Australia. He has published about 250 articles on historical issues in the Modern Greek theater. He had his own column in Sunday's Eleftherotypia review (1997-1999). He is a founding member of the European Network of Research and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama (1997) and coordinator of the Intensive Programme Course network (2002-2014). He has worked with Athenian and regional theaters as well as private and public cultural institutions. His publications include: Dim Manuscript (1994), Molière (2002), Theatre in Greece 1940-2000. A survey (2005), Outlines for Readings (2006), In Lieu of Critique. Jottings of a Systematic Spectator (2006), Karolos Koun, the Performances (Published by the Benaki Museum, Athens), Yannis SIDERIS: History of Modern Greek Theatre 1794-1944 (Kastaniotis Athens, 1990, 1998, 1999, 2008 ), the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus (2013), etc.