VYRSODEPSEIO Dramaturgy Workshop for Playwrights

  •  Published on: 27/03/2015

Inspired by a practice already applied in various theatres in Europe, Vyrsodepseio’s Dramaturgy Workshop gives the chance to various playwrights to re-read and revisit their plays anew, under the guidance of dramatists and directors. This 3month workshop includes the critical analysis of the selected plays as well as the possibility of a new dramatic elaboration and presentation of them.

The plays submitted can either be recently completed or still in progress yet in their final stage. The aim of the workshop is the emergence of a “new” language with the ability to create scenic imagery, produce aesthetic dialogues, instilled with political qualities as well as the “exportation” of new, modern Greek plays, that will progressively promote an encounter between Greek and foreign dramatists.

It’s worth noting that the 2nd round of the workshop was held in cooperation with the French Institute of Greece and the French troupe Panta théâtre while Dead leaves, a play written by nascent Konstantinos Tzikas, was translated in French, published in the anthology of “Modern Greek Dramaturgy” by Maison Antoine Vitez and Editions Théâtrales in Paris and participated in the “Ecrire et mettre en scène” festival.

Interested are invited to submit new plays to the Vyrsodepseio until December 31st 2014.

Concept coordination: Dimitra Kondylaki (theatrical publication consultant, dramaturg, translator)

Proponents: Georgina Kakoudaki (dramaturg, film director), Dimitra Kondylaki, Elli Papakonstantinou (director, artistic director of Vyrsodepseio)



1st and 2nd stage (reading and selection process): 20 euros per person
3rd stage (3month workshop): 200 euros per person 


For more information: www.vyrsodepseio.com, vyrsoplays@gmail.com

Contact person: Maria Schubert, 6938255522,  schubertmaria@outlook.com