•  Published on: 23/12/2016

Two years ago when we sailed off with Greek Play Project for our journey we could not even imagine the route and the destinations that would lead us. Today, in a turbulent cultural landscape where everything seeks for space to exist and everything wither without the necessary curing period, we feel even more intense our responsibility for the emergence of modern Greek dramaturgy. Fixed to our goals that we set ourselves from the very beginning we go on persisting in our efforts and evolving slowly but steadily.

Theater is an open art, live, constantly developing. So GPP; it is being prepared and updated and this in turn on the new theater season. To continue the careful presentation of contemporary Greek playwrights and their work, strengthen the dialogue with the theatrical practice through our criticism column, walk around in the whole world with WORLD TOUR (next stop Spain!) presenting what is going on in the theaters of the world, and at the same time complement the picture of the Greek theater with interviews, presentations and useful news. More, two new sections are added immediately: Twelve individuals, twelve natal months, twelve portraits in our new column "Constellations" and in “BackStage” artists talk about their preparation and share with us on of their memories related to backstage on screen.

New year, new projects, new plays coming soon ..


I.M., September 2016