Kalaitzidou Despina


Miss Chaos, 2019

Helen or Soula, 2015

Borkman/Danse Macabre (based on Henrik Ibsen's "John Gabriel Borkman"), 2015

The Gum, 2013

A Tale of Two Cities (based on Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities"), 2013

The Burning Ones, 2010

Bereavement, 2009

Are the Dead Hungry? (based on Irvin Shaw's "Bury the Dead"), 2009

Art for Art's Sake, 2007

My Left Breast (and my Right Cat, 2006

The Last Move, 2005

Rain, 2003

Black and White, 2003


Miss Chaos, 2019

1 female and voice over

The Burning Ones, 2010

4 male - 5 female

My Left Breast, 2006

4 male - 3 female


The Burning Ones

Sakellaridou Elsi, Professor Emeritus of Theatre Studies, AUTH