Constantopoulos Constantine

Born in Athens, Constantine Constantopoulos graduated from the Drama School of the National Theatre of Greece in 1983. His studies include a philosophy degree from the University of Sofia, seminars on acting with Actor's Studio professor J. Walter, dance lessons with Kay Holden, and voice lessons at the Athens Conservatoire—with Iro Palli— and the National Conservatoire—with Kate Papalexopoulou.
As an actor, he starred in repertory theatre productions at the National Theatre, the National Theatre of Northern Greece, Epidaurus, the Odeon of Herodus Atticus, the Thessalian Theatre, and the Concert Hall—among others—and has worked under most of the Greek directors.

As a director, he has directed the plays: Dangerous Corner (J. B. Priestley) - Without Knowing How (L. Pirandello) – Steel Magnolias  (R. Harling) - In Close Family Circle (Y. Reza) – Women Hammam (N. Dan) - Your Relationship is being ... Diverted (Z. Valvis) – My Name is Sotiria (S. Adamidou) - Ritter, Dene, Voss (musical-T. Bernhard) - The Secret Loneliness of the Atreides (Orestis-  Iphigenia’s Return, Y. Ritsos) – The Stronger (Au. Strindberg) - Descent to Love (three one-act plays: This Property is Condemned – Hello from Bertha - The dark room -T. Williams) - The Prayers of the Enchanted (musical) - Aunt Vivi (A. Papageorgiou) – The Station (A. Mpeis) – Five Women Wearing the Same Dress (A. Ball) - Nouminia (M. Moschovi) - Faux-Forces (A. Sandora) - The Grand Inquisitor (F. Dostoyevsky) - Bus to Peloponnese (D. Lentzos) - With Murder and Passion (M. Vassilopoulou - L. Pesketzi) - Mother Sons (two one-act plays: The Fink, Y. Skourtis - Lithuania, R. Brooke) - Tales of Love and Hope (L. Rikaki) - The Color of Money—two one-act plays—(Le Testament, Guy de Maupassant – Hey, You Out There!, O. Sarogian) - I, Dear Doctor (N. Anagnostou) - The Century Cadet (R. Karakatsanis) – The Apology (Plato) - Three Tall Women (Edward Albee).

He has starred in the movies: Beekeeper (Th. Angelopoulos), Quartet in 4 Movements and Character Agreement (L. Rikaki), Stop at the Red Light (I. Mavraki,) and the TV series: Descent,  Family, The Three Musketeers, Doctor Julia and Miss Chaido, Alice, Wedding Ring on the Right Hand.

As director and production manager assistant he has collaborated with Stavros Xarchakos in the plays Red lanterns (1993), and Amman-Amen (1994).

 He is a founding member of the theatrical group "Theatre Syn Kati [Theatre AND MORE] - total art". He has been teaching acting since 1996.



MandyMEDEA, 2017

The Spirit in Spirit, 2012

Of the Son and the Saint, 2011

In the Name of the Mother and the Son, 2010






MantyMEDEA, 2017

1 male - 1 female (and filmed parts)

The Spirit in Spirit, 2012

3 male - 1 female, video and voices

Of the Son and the Saint, 2011

8 male - 1 female



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