Gassouka Eleni

Born in Athens, Eleni Gassouka is a writer, director and choreographer. She graduated from Rallou Manou’s professional dance school and continued her studies in Paris, in the Centre of Modern Dance, taking part in performances of the Grand Theater de Rennes. On her return to Greece she collaborated with Daniel Lommel’s Aenaon Dance Theater, on behalf of which she choreographed a number of performances of the National Theater of Northern Greece.

She also worked as a performer with Lia Meletopoulou’s The Little Theater of Dance. She participated in Bob Wilson’s Prometheus presented in Athens’ Culture Olympiad, and in 2004 she was the choreographer of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games of Athens.  She is the creator of the theatre group “Heroes,” which has been performing for eight years in a central theater of Athens with enormous success. Since 2005, she has been writing and directing plays. Her plays Fourketa, God’s Poor Creature, Gogo (The Other Winnie) have also been sold- out performances for many years in Greece. She was the winner of the Best Contemporary Play Award in 2014 for her play Gogo (The Other Winnie.)


Gogo, 2013

God’s Poor Creature, 2012

Fourketa, 2008

Heroes, 2006-2015


Shut Up, 2016

4 male - 4 female

Gogo, 2013

1 female - 1 male (silent)

God’s Poor Creature, 2012

2 male - 3 female - 1 silent role

Hairspin, 2008

3 male - 4 female



Delinikopoulos Panos, Dramaturg - Director