Maniotis Yiorgos

Yiorgos Maniotis was born in Athens in 1951. He studied Law at the University of Thessaloniki. He emerged as a poet in 1970 with the publication of his collection “Neron” but he ultimately turned to writing theatrical plays. His plays have been widely and successfully performed on stage as well as on the radio and television.

As a novelist, he made his appearance with the novel “The Unknown Soldier” (1986). In fact, he was honored with the 2nd Greek National Literary Award for “The Dark Fairytales”. He is also known for his novels “The Unknown Soldier”, “The Terrific Protection”, “The Sly Trail”, “Adrenaline…Always High!”, “Sappho’s Cigarettes”, “Dad’s Lawn”, “Knowledge of the Dead”, “Mixer” etc.

He has also worked as a director.



Half Jokingly, 2013

Positive Thinking, 2004

Acting Lessons, 2003

The most sensitive link, 2002

Exodus, 2001

Recital; Nine one-act plays, 1999

Sacred Triptych, 1990

Vacation in Heaventown, 1987

White Day, 1985

If Krystallo was a man, 1985

Order and Disorder, 1985

Fighting or The Star, 1984

The Unknown Soldier, 1984

Sedentary Life, 1983

Parasites (Drama for radio), 1983

Close Up, 1983

Spouses, 1982

Wander Life, Agia Kyriaki, 1982

Krystallo is dancing Mambo, 1982

Pickup or The technique of dreaming, 1981

The Pit of Sin, 1979

Common Sense, 1978

Wet Dreams, 1978

The Match, 1978

Agia Kyriaki, 1976

Trials, 1974

Harvest, 1973

Leaders and Principles, 1971




Pit of Sin or The Magic of the Senses, 1979

17 male - 4 female and crowd



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