Tacopoulos Paris

Paris Tacopoulos first broke his silence, like an umbilical cord, in 1930. He died in 2020. At the age of twelve, during the war, he again broke his silence to the sound of different Sirens, producing a theatrical play of unknown parentage on the terrace of his house, where, of course, he was both director and protagonist.

In 1950 he published his first book of poems, after his return from London, where he did his “cultural service” in the years of 1948-49. It was in London that thanks to his friend, the painter John Craxton, that he made the acquaintance of the “Graham Sutherland  - Henry Moore” group of Painters and Sculptors, among whom were, Francis Bacon, John Minton, Lucien Freud, who “never read grandpa”.  

Before going to London, he studied English Literature at Eddie Duckworth’s great school of friendship, where he came into contact with different “Brave New Worlds” and “Vile Bodies” revisited.

After his first Collection of Poems and some more readings of Eliot’s “Sweeney Agonistes”, he published six more books of poems, two books of short stories “Who dat up dere?” and “Unparallel Lives” and two novels, “Renowned City”, and “The Apostates”, all Ikaros Publications, and two volumes of his “Hollow Testament”, (Keni Diathiki), and his “Wonderings Towards the Nations”, being the second volume of his Keni Diathiki, for which most of our “crickets” have not yet broken their silence. He has also been a “cricket” himself, mainly a Theatre Reviewer, in many literary and political newspaper and magazines and was the Artistic Director on “Kathimerini”, after the fall of the junta, in 1974.

 Since 1967 he has written so many plays that eventually a lot of theatres had to present them on stage – the first being the Art Theatre of Karolos Koun, and last, but fortunately most, Student Theatre Groups.

His “Prelast of the Monikins”, his “Aristo-funny” tragicomedy, (which was the cause of his unholy conception of the Hollow Testament), first produced by Carolos Koun Art Theater, had a successful revival at the Edinburgh Festival in 2005, and at the yearly European Theater festival in London, by the British Theatro Technis, on November 2009, two productions with Nicos Kalamo, as Monikin, the founder and director of the Theatrico Phytorio in Aegina, an accomplished actor and student of Stela Adlers’ actors studio in the U.S.A.

One of his plays The last Abortion, translated in Russian by Jannis Nikolopoulos, was first presented by the St. Petersburg Theater Academy directed by Sergei Tcherkasski, during the Greek Russian Festival in the St. Petersburg in 2006, organised by Dmitri Mikalevski. 



Oh my Lord put a seal on my lips, Potamos Publications 2009

The Wedding Pilaf or Waiting for Beta, a satellite play rotating round Samuel Beckett, Potamos Publications 2009

The Ninth, a play directed by Maya Lymberopoulou, one of Ten Commitments, a series of plays produced by Experimental Stage of  the National Theatre in 2006

Two way Ride, and If Hippocrates was alive today, Daedalus Publications 1981

Disco, a four acts play, Daedalus 1981

The second Absence or the Return of Marx and Engels, Daedalus Publications 1979

La Pansion, Daedalus Publications 1979

Fish Soup and five more monologues, 1979 (The Third Pollen, Iranocypris and Neamachilos, Papoua my Love, Around the world in Eight Minutes, The Exodos)

Antimenopause and five one act play, Daedalus Publications 1979 (Partousa or Invitation for Tea, Teiresias Bound, May Party, Retro, The Nano-Clone)

Eight more Cerebral Episodes, 1976 (Reasons of Honour, Elephant Trunk, Examinations, The tones and spirit of a Greek Tango, Mosaic Lessons of a Left Jawl, A Manger without Horses, The Last Abortion)

Eight Cerebral Episodes, Daedalus Publications 1976 (The wonderful world of Oh, The Purgatory, The Plaster of Paris, Handball, The Bridge, The great Mason, A favorable Match, Ante Thermopylae)

The Prelast of the Monikins, Daedalus Publications 1966


Oh my Lord put a seal on my lips, 2009

17 female (some of these women play the role of Villon, Caravaggio, Marquis de Sade and Genet)

The Wedding pilaf, 2009

2 male – 2 female

Anyone asked for me, 2003

5 male – 2 female

Lachmatzoon, 1983

1 male – 1 female

Around the world in Eight Minutes, an one act play in eight minutes, 1979

1 male – 1 female (and the voice of a female announcer)



Bakonikola Chara, Emeritus Professor of Theatre Studies, University of Athens