Delivoria Maya

Maya Delivoria was born in Athens. She studied journalism at the Workshop of Professional Journalism and Theatre Studies at the Department of Theatre Studies in Athens, where she also completed her postgraduate studies.

She has worked in primary and secondary education, both in the public and private sector, since 1995, teaching theatre education to children and adolescents. Among others, she has worked with the Research and Practical Applications Centre of the Ancient Greek Drama “Desmi”, the Ministry of Education, the Municipality of Vironas, the General Secretariat for Youth, the Hellenes Abroad, the children’s stage “Aeroploio”, the Centre of Psychological Health of Children and Adolescents and the magazine “Nea Oikologia”.   

Since 2002, she has been working at “Georgios Zois” private school and at the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Ilioupoli, teaching theatre education to children and adolescents.

She has been honored with three national prizes for children’s plays.

The Knight of Love”, 1st national award in 2002, has been published as a novel by Kedros publishing house (2009) and was performed at the International Festival of New Writers in Berlin (Inter-play Europe) in May 1998 and in Australia in 1999. It was also presented by the Municipal Theater of Veroia under the direction of Odysseas Goniadis during 2011-2012.

The ABC of Adolescence”, was honored with the 2nd national award in 2008 and has received an honorable mention by the women’s literary association. It has also been published as a novel by Kedros publication house (2012). It has received an award by the Cycle of Greek Children’s Books, in the category of best adolescent or youth novel. It has also been mentioned in the list of “Literary Prizes by Readers” in the category best novel for adolescents.

Brothers United, Never Defeated”, 3rd national award in 2009, has also been published as a novel by Kedros publishing house (2014).


Maya Delivoria is married and  the mother of three children.




Brothers United, Never Defeated (2009)

The ABC of Adolescence (2008)

The Knight of Love (2002)



The ABC of Adolescence, 2008

Minimum number of actors: 4 (2 boys- 2girls)

The Knight of Love, 2002

18 characters



Lakidou Ilia,